Welcome to the personal web site of Sandro "Saba" Sabatini

Hi, my name is Sandro Sabatini (nickname "Saba") ...

... and I'm living at Zurich (web cam) in the little country Switzerland (geographic, social, cultural, political and historical aspects) in the middle of Europe.
More information at Wikipedia: about Zurich (English / German) and about Switzerland (English / German).

I'm a hobby musician (singer and guitarist) and I'm playing with

cüül »progressive rock

The members of cüül are

bass: Walti · drums: Angelo · guitar & vocals: Ruedi · vocals & guitar: Saba

You like Flickr?

more cüül »photos

My daily business is computer programming

EAS EDV-Analyse Sandro Sabatini
EAS EDV-Analyse Sandro Sabatini »Software Engineering

And here is all you never wanted to know about me

Saba »totally private

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